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The best parts cleaning solutions for your industry

Surface Alliance cleaning offers cleaning solutions for your industrial parts and components. Our 24 years of experience enable our teams to provide a customized solution for your industry. Water-based spraying systems machines, vacuum or hybrid solvent degreasing machines, ultrasound immersion / flood machine or CNp are just some of the cleaning technologies that can be used in a wide variety of sectors. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any specific requests about industrial cleaning machines.

Industrial Cleaning machine for automotive parts

We work with our customers and partners to build machines tailored to the needs of the automotive industry. Our parts cleaning machines can be integrated into various stages of your parts manufacturing process. After the final washing of your parts, we guarantee ISO 16232 cleanliness with our parts cleaning machines. Our degreasing and decontamination machines are particularly suitable for high production rates. Your parts will be cleaned in a matter of seconds, and will emerge from our cleaning machine at a temperature of less than 95°F. In addition to speed, our parts cleaning machine specially designed for the automotive sector will take up very little space on your production line. Our cleaning machines can handle : Turbo main body, Crankshafts, Drive shafts, Steering rack rod, Gearbox components and more..

Industrial Cleaning Solution for railway sector

Our parts cleaning machines meet the needs and constraints of the rail industry. These machines are specifically designed to withstand high stresses, and are very robust due to the size of the parts. Our cleaning solutions enable us to wash large, heavy parts while optimally removing all particles of contamination. Railway parts are highly exposed to pollution, grease and mud. To combat these constraints, intensive cleaning is recommended, and repetition of the cleaning process is essential. The degreasing of parts is more easily carried out in a closed circuit, which ensures a very high quality of parts cleaning. Our parts cleaning machines for the railway sector feature a bath treatment system with a decanter and a dagger for easier removal of dirt from parts.

Cleaning of aeronautical and aerospace parts

Surface alliance Cleaning offers you customized solutions for the cleaning of specific parts for the aeronautics and aerospace industries. Designed for aircraft parts manufacturers and maintenance companies specializing in aircraft overhaul and repair. We offer a range of solutions for parts cleaning, including aqueous, hybrid and steam degreasing. Our industrial cleaning machines guarantee streak-free results on all types of metal used in part design: inconel, titanium, aluminum and superalloys. To best meet your needs, our cleaning machines can be installed in ATEX zones.

Parts and components cleaning for general industry

Surface Alliance Cleaning designs parts washing machines for all sectors of industry. The aim of our cleaning machines is to ensure the cleanliness of your mechanical parts using our various technologies. Contact our team of experts to find the parts cleaning solution that’s right for your industry. Whether it’s an aqueous cleaning solution, a chlorinated solvent, a hydrocarbon solvent or a detergent, we are committed to providing you with a solution tailored to your specific needs and cleanliness standards. Each of the Surface Alliance Cleaning partners specialises in a specific area. :

  • Hemo: Specialists in vacuum-modified alcohol systems and hybrid systems with modified alcohol and high-purity water in the same chamber.
  • LPW: Expert in  high-purity water systems (spraying, flooding, ultrasonic, CNp)
  • Mécanolav: Manufacturer of customised water-based spraying systems. Well-known for the Mécanofast machine: Cleaning and drying a part in 30sec for the automotive industry.
  • Washtech : Company specialising in spraying systems. It repairs and changes machine parts.
Surface Alliance Cleaning - Industrial Parts Washer

Solve our customer cleanliness issues by finding out the best Industrial parts washers. Our industrial parts cleaning machines can be perfectly adapted to your production lines.

Depending on your parts, contaminants and cleanliness requirements, together we can define the most appropriate process for cleaning your industrial parts, using our machines and different technologies.
Discover our cleaning technologies adapted to each of the sectors in which we operate. From the automotive sector to aeronautics and railways. We offer parts cleaning solutions for the medical, oil and general industrial sectors.