Surface Alliance Cleaning Corp – Our History and Partners

DNA for innovation

Who we are?

SURFACE ALLIANCE CLEANING CORP. is a company based out of Texas to back up and further develop our business in the U.S.A and Canada.

The Alliance is an international partnership of Cleanliness O.E.M. that was created 24 years ago. Each member brings some unique technologies, this collaboration bring together our strength on sales, service and R&D to serve better our customers.

Our members are present worldwide and cover a wide range of cleanliness technologies available on the market, so we are always confident to offer the best solution for your needs.

Surface Alliance cleaning Corporation in details is...


WashTech is a Mexican company based out of Queretaro that develops and manufactures spraying systems. It also provides services, machines trouble shooting, spare parts for all others alliance brands in North American and in compliance with the local regulations (C.S.A., U.L., N.B.R., N.O.M.).


HEMO is a German company that manufactures modified alcohol systems under vacuum with virtually no waste and a very low operation cost for degreasing and heat treatment. We also offer HYBRID systems that use modified alcohol and high purity water in the same chamber to achieve the highest standard.

Industrial parts cleaning machine manufacturer - HEMO offices


LPW is a German company that specializes on high purity water systems with a large spectrum of mechanical actions as spraying, flooding, turbulent flow, ultrasound, and cyclic nucleation process CNp that allows to treat blind holes and porous materials for a variety of industries as Medical, Aerospace, Automotive, Semiconductors, Additive manufacturing and more.

LPW parts cleaning - Front building


MECANOLAV is a French company that develops custom water based spraying systems for the Aerospace and Railroad industry. Its also brought to the market the revolutionary MecanoFAST concept for the Automotive industry that allows “one piece flow” cleaning and drying in 30 seconds. The machine fit well in tight floor space availability (under 22 square feet) and can achieve high cleanliness requirements for most complex parts geometries.

Surface Alliance members

Water based spraying systems machine
Vacuum or hybrid solvent degreasing machines
Ultrasound immersion/flood machine or CNp
Manufacturing site for the North American market
Licensed manufacturing site for the Indian market
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