Multi-tank turntable parts washer with front loading

MB – Degreasing Machine for bulky parts with Spray Cleaning

Bulky parts
Spray cleaning
Multiple tanks
Multi-tank turntable parts washer with front loading
  • Large working chamber capacity for bulky loads
  • Front loading by tilting door or moving cart
  • Flexible dimensions as needed
  • Washing and rinsing process in closed loop
  • Robust build on stainless steel 304L

  • Degreasing mechanical parts in few minutes

Degreasing and rinsing bulky parts by front loading

6 different base model

The MB mechanical parts degreasing machine is divided into a range of 6 standard models depending on dimensions, weight and quantity of parts to be cleaned.

  • MB 8 > Length 32″ x Width 32″ x Height 32″ (800 x 800 x 800 mm)

  • MB 10 > Length 40″ x Width 40″ x Height 32″ (1000 x 1000 x 800 mm)

  • MB 13 > Length 52″ x Width 52″ x Height 32″ (1300 x 1300 x 800 mm)

  • MB 15 > Length 60″ x Width 60″ x Height 32″ (1500 x 1500 x 800 mm)

  • MB 18 > Length 71″ x Width 71″ x Height 32″ (1800 x 1800 x 800 mm)

  • MB 20 > Length 79″ x Width 79″ x Height 32″ (2000 x 2000 x 800 mm)

High throughput capacity

The MB machine puts its robustness to the test in many heavy goods vehicles such as heavy trucks and railway maintenance workshops.

  • Standard payload up to 4,400 lbs (2 tons)

  • Removal of dried grease and oil by high flow spraying

Efficient rinsing

Incorporating 2 tanks that ensure parts washing and rinsing in closed loop circuit.
When optimal surface quality is required such as in aerospace applications, the versatility of the MB allows the integration of several additional tanks.

Front loading

The front loading of the MB is available in two configuration:
  1. Manual-opening tilting door for loading table with tray transfer guides
  2. Vertical door with automatic opening at the end of the cycle to be combined with a fixed loading table or a cart mounted on wheels.

Easy maintenance

When the pollution are present in large quantities and rapidly saturates the tank (grease, sludge, oil, resins), the machine incorporates reprocessing devices allowing to isolate these pollution to space out the tank cleaning and ensure the cleaning performance.
  • Overflow coalescence oil skimmer

  • Degreasing settling scraping dredge
  • Rolling paper filter

Flexible dimensions as needed

Depending on the parts dimensions to be cleaned, the cleaning chamber is adapted and equipped accordingly.

  • Custom made working chamber

  • Useful height up to 79″ (2000 mm)
  • Replacing the door with a motorized roller shutter
  • Pit machine

Flexibility and automation

Among our product range, the MB and its sister the MAXIMA (only one tank) are the cleaning systems offering the greatest equipment flexibility depending on the application.


  • Automatic dosing and filling

  • Telescopic oscillating cleaning ramp
  • Fine filtration

  • Autoloader/robot integration
  • Custom fixtures

Special applications

The machine environment is a significant factor in achieving particulate cleanliness requirements on complex and sensitive parts.
To do this, the MB system can be integrated into a clean room to meet the highest standards of cleanliness.

Technical specifications

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Useful dimensions

Plate diameter
37" to 95" in standard (950 à 2420 mm)
Plate (cut corners)
32" x 32" (800 x 800 mm) up to 78" x 78" in standard (2000 x 2000 mm)
Useful Height
78" in standard (800 mm)
Loading height
38" to 43" (960 à 1100 mm)
Maximum load
2,200 lbs to 4,400 lbs in standard (1000 kg à 2000 kg)

External dimensions

96" to 153" (2450 to 3900 mm)
54" to 108" (1380 to 2750 mm)
Depth with swinging open door
93" to 110" (2380 to 2810 mm)
76" to 86" (1950 to 2200 mm)
Height with fan
98" to 102" (2500 to 2610 mm)
Height with vertical door open
127" to 137" (3250 to 3500 mm)


Volume per tank
(350 to 1200 liters)
Operating temperature
122 to 158 °F (50 to 70°C)
Heating power per tank
12 to 42 kW
Average cycle time
15 to 20 minutes
Washing / Rinsing pressure
49 to 290 psi (3,4 to 20 bars)
Débit lavage / rinçage
118 to 250 gal / minute (450 to 950 liters / minute)
Poids à vide
1,540 to 4,400 lbs (700 to 2000 kg)
Installed Power
34 to 121 kW
Supply voltage
480 V 3 phases
Power frequency
60 Hz
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