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It is never easy to choose an industrial parts washer. Discover our machines and our different cleaning solutions according to your part washing needs. There are different cleaning solutions that can be adapted to your industry or your production line. When choosing your industrial parts washer, you must also take into account the different regulations, the annual costs of your machine and its durability. That's why our team is at your disposal if you need information about one of our cleaning machines.

What are the different Industrial cleaning solutions

Vapor Degreaser Machine

Vapor degreasing involves condensing solvent vapors onto a workpiece to clean it. These cleaning solutions can be used for a variety of materials, and therefore in a variety of fields. Steam degreasing machines are often used in the automotive, aviation, aerospace or medical equipment manufacturing sectors. Several technologies are available for steam degreasing. Steam degreasing has the advantage of drying parts. Although more costly, steam degreasing gives better results than other cleaning methods. Solvents can degrease parts, but do not remove minerals. Degreasing machines are mainly used for cleaning organic contamination. Surface Alliance Cleaning Corporation offers you its Solvacs degreasing machine, available in several sizes. It also features several technologies to suit your needs: simultaneous ultrasonic and active immersion, immersion and vapor degreasing, corrosion protection and vacuum drying. We can offer you cleaning machines for bulky parts if you need to degrease parts using spray cleaning technology and multiple tanks.

Aqueous cleaning machine

Around the world, governments and businesses are increasingly moving away from solvent-based cleaning systems in favor of environmentally-friendly solutions, particularly aqueous cleaning. Indeed, aqueous cleaners offer a number of advantages over chemical methods, which can be very costly. Aqueous cleaning uses water as the main solvent to remove inorganic pollutants. Leach cleaning is more versatile, but has no degreasing effect. However, water is not the only solvent used: surfactants, detergents, emulsifiers, inhibitors, anti-foaming agents, etc. are also used. To clean parts more easily, the PH of the aqueous solution can be modified. This will make it easier to remove scale, rust, metal oxides, metal shavings, grease, organic dirt… Simply soaking parts is not enough to clean them properly, which is why parts washers are equipped with ultrasonic, spray and other technologies. Aqueous cleaning machines differ according to your production flow and the volume of contamination you wish to remove from parts. Batch cleaning machines are used to clean several parts at the same time, as is often the case in the semiconductor industry. Another type of batch cleaning machine is our MJ Compact with modular wash, rinse and dry cycle. It operates in a closed circuit with a tilting or vertical door. There are also one-piece flow cleaning machines, which can be integrated directly into your production lines and avoid slowing down your production.

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