Parts and components cleaning

Specialist in Parts Washing Machines for The Railway Sector

We design and build machines who will meet the needs and constraints of the railway business
  • Processing large dimension parts and heavy

  • Removal of significant and persistent contamination

  • Heavy duty systems that meet significant constraints

  • Repeatability of results by continuous bath treatment

Industrial cleaning machines for maintenance of high-speed trains, conventional trains, underground and trams

For the cleaning of massive railway parts such as bogies or axles, we design and manufacture machines with large useful dimensions and capable of supporting loads of severals tons.

Cleaning and degreasing of massive railway parts

Intensive cleaning

Railway parts such as bearings are heavily polluted with grease and sludge.

To remove these contaminations, a skillful combination of process parameters like temperature, mechanical action, time and chemistry are essential.

Railway part before cleaning

Repeatability of degreasing

High volume greases and sludges quickly saturated the closed-loop degreasing solution.

To ensure a high degreasing quality and to increase the life of detergent solution, our cleaning machine for the railway business include bath system treatment such as a degreaser – decanter and a dredge to scrap the sludges deposited on the bottom of the tank.

Degreasing railway parts

Application case

Some examples of parts and components cleaned in the railway industry :

  • Railway axles

  • Hitch for high speed train (TGV)

  • Bearings for railway

  • Windows frame for automotive car

  • Thermal engine blocks and transmissions

  • Rods for high speed train (TGV)

  • Archers

  • Brake components

  • Electric drive engine

  • Bogies

  • Axles box

  • and much more railway wear parts…

Cleaning of thermal engine blocks and transmissions for the railway industry
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Case study
Cleaning and degreasing railway axles for the railway industry
Parts washer machine for Cleaning and drying railway axles

Railway axle repair with a MecanoLav MB machine before reassembly

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