Cleaning parts and components

Industrial Cleaning Machines for Aeronautic Parts

We manufacture machines designed specifically to answer customers needs and constraints in the aeronautic business
  • Custom solutions for specific parts

  • Ensure a result without marks on all types of metals

  • Traceability management and NADCAP compliance

  • ATEX special machines

  • Meets surface tension criteria

  • Zero-discharge solution by treatment of the waste

Cleaning process for aeronautic parts and components

Our machines will clean your parts in different steps of your process :

  • Before non-destructive test (dye penetrant)

  • Before heat treatment

  • Before dimensional check

  • In-process operation

  • Final wash

Aeronautical parts cleaning in tunnel

Technology for materials and downstream process

The components of the aeronautic business are made of a wide variety of materials such as inconel, titanium, aluminium and superalloys.

Like the downstream process, these metals should be considered in the choice of the cleaning method to be used: chlorinated solvents, aqueous solution, hydrocarbons, micro-emulsion…

Cleaning of aeronautical parts - turbine disk

NADCAP process traceability

Surface Alliance machines in the aeronautic business are equipped with systems for continuous control of the process parameters in connection with the PLC. This system is allowing a report editing after each cycle and the data recording offering a standardized approach.

For this purpose, each sensors working condition is essential (Level, Temperature, Pressure, pH, Conductivity…).



Industrial parts washer with big work chamber for drive shaft

Toolings and automation

The tooling design and the customized palets for parts to be processed is one of strength of Surface Alliance. The part positioning for the cleaning and drying operation is critical to obtain high cleanliness results.

To make these results reliable, completed cleaning process automation with machine IQ, or even automatic loading/unloading of parts or palets via peripheral equipment (robots, conveyors, loaders, lifting tables…) allow to reduce manual operations.

Aeronautical parts washer with integrated robot 3D design

ATEX special machines

The cleaning of complex and sensitive parts such as drive gear housings requires that the cleaning fluid be identical or have properties close to the fuel which will circulate in its circuits (kerosene, MEK, Diestone…).

This type of cleaning equipment operating in an explosive environment (ATEX) is an integral part of Surface Alliance know-how.

Industrial parts washer made for explosive environment ATEX

High rinsing performance and fluid recycling

Equipped with several rinsing tanks to achieve the desired cleanliness of the component, a continuous control of the conductivity of the baths from 0 to 200 µS allows to ensure the repeatability of the cleanliness requirement.

For each of his machines, Surface Alliance puts in place devices for filtration and for washing/rinse fluids reprocessing for a zero-emission solution.

  • Bath transfer

  • Reverse cascade

  • Multiple filtration thresholds

  • Purified water production system

  • Regeneration by resins ion exchange

  • Oil skimmer

  • Evaporator with vapors mechanical compression

  • Centrifuges

Aeronautical parts washer with filtration devices for fluid recycling

Application case

Some examples of parts and components cleaned in the aeronautic industry :

  • Machining toolings

  • Gear housings and housings

  • Rectifiers

  • Tube and ramps

  • Ferrules

  • Carbon disc

  • Turbine disc

  • Structural components

  • Drilling grids and templates

  • Drive shafts

  • and much more…

Aeronautical parts cleaning
Surface Alliance Cleaning - Industrial Parts Washer

Solve our customer cleanliness issues by finding out the best Industrial parts washers. Our industrial parts cleaning machines can be perfectly adapted to your production lines.

Depending on your parts, contaminants and cleanliness requirements, together we can define the most appropriate process for cleaning your industrial parts, using our machines and different technologies.
Discover our cleaning technologies adapted to each of the sectors in which we operate. From the automotive sector to aeronautics and railways. We offer parts cleaning solutions for the medical, oil and general industrial sectors.

Case study
Cleaning and degreasing straighteners in the aerospace industry
Industrial Cleaning Machines for Aeronautic Parts
Industrial Cleaning and Drying Machine – Aeronautical Parts

Mark free degreasing on a MecanoLav MB machine for aeronautic straighteners after a dye penetrant inspection

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