Compact drum spray cleaning system for small loads

MJ Compact – Water Based Cleaning System

Water based process
Batch load
Compact, 27 square feet floor space
Compact drum spray cleaning system for small loads
  • Under 27 ft² floor space

  • 6 to 8 loads per hour

  • Drum oscillation or rotation

  • Modular cycle : washing, rinsing, drying

  • Closed circuit operation

  • Option of overhead or vertical door

Degreasing of loose, sorted or complex geometry mechanical parts

Under 27 ft² floor space

The one piece design MecanoJET is basically adapted for production shop who need floor space, especially in the bar turning business.

  • Width 37 3/8” ( 950 mm )

  • Easy to integrate in production line

6 to 8 loads per hour

The MecanoJET Compact machine is dedicated for small parts allowing a processing capacity from four to six loads per hour, achieving high levels of cleanliness and great flexibility.

Loading of drum spray cleaning machine

Small batch

The MecanoJET Compact can process baskets or palets with dimensions up to 20 7/8″ x 12 5/8″ x 7 7/8″ (530 x 320 x 200 mm).

Her older sister, the MecanoJET can process large loads up to manufacturing of a custom-made drum.

Useful dimensions of compact drum spray cleaning system

360° rotation and oscillation

For each part number, the MecanoJET Compact has the possibility to select between full rotation or drum oscillation.

  • Full rotation > closed basket / non-sensitive parts or clamped in position

  • Oscillation with a set angle > workpiece carriers / sensible parts

Drum spray cleaning machine with rotation or oscillation

Complete and flexible cycle

To achieve great degreasing performances, the MecanoJET Compact is equipped with two separated tanks.

The cleaning recipes can be adjusted depending on cleanliness requirement and the parts to be cleaned.

  • Spray washing step

  • Spray rinsing step

  • Hot air blowing and/or drying step

Compact drum spray cleaning system implantation

Simple machine interface

The MecanoJET Compact is equipped with a touch screen interface allowing a user friendly utilization for technician.

  • Part program recipe

  • Process parameters visualization

  • Parameters modification

  • Machine alerts and faults management

  • Traceability with washing report editing

Human Machine Interface of drum spray cleaning system

Easy maintenance

Design to be easily maintened, the MecanoJET Compact ensures a wide maintenance access at the rear by a shutter roller.


  • Filters easy access

  • Drain pump with integrated rod

  • Spray gun included for maintenance

  • Mixed detergent in automatic

  • Automatic cascade refilling

  • Oil skimmer

Maintenance of compact drum spray cleaning system for industrial parts

I/O Link - Plug & play

In standard, the machine is equipped with masters and I/O links modules allowing troubleshooting on machine issues.

  • Immediate detection wire breakage or signal

  • No losses of measured values

  • Plug & play sensors replacement : reconfiguration not need it

I/O link system for industrial parts washer

Overhead door or vertical

In standard version, the MecanoJET Compact come with a manual opening/closing tilt door, as an option it can be equipped with a vertical door which will open automatically at the end of the cycle.

  • Overhead door ensuring the loading station action

  • Vertical door with steady working station

Spray cleaning system with vertical door

If needed

MecanoLav’s DNA consists in adapting our machines to the cleaning problems for our customers. Being a standardize solution, the MecanoJET Compact is no exception to this rule.

  • Armored stainless build : valve bodies stripping

Adaptable drum spray cleaning machine

Technical specifications

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Useful dimensions

Internal basket dimension (LxW)
18 7/8”x 11” ( 480 x 280 mm )
Outside basket dimension (LxWxH)
20 7/8"x 12 5/8”x 7 7/8” ( 530 x 320 x 200 mm )
Maximum load
66 lbs ( 30 kg )

Dimensions externes

3’ 1 3/8”( 950 mm )
7’ 5 3/4” ( 2280 mm )
7’ 3” ( 2210 mm )
Length with opening door
8’ 9 1/8” ( 2670 mm )


Tank Volume
2 x 440 lbs (200 litres)
Drum rotation
Operating Temperature
131 to 158°F (55 à 70°C)
Average cycle time
10 to 20 minutes
Wash & rinse pressure
58 PSI ( 4 bars )
Wash & rinse flow
44 GPM ( 200 l/min )
Heating power (tank)
2 x 12 kW
Heating drying power
6 kW
Power installed
36,8 kW
Voltage supply
400V TRI
Power frequency
50 Hz
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