Parts and components cleaning

General Industry

We manufacture equipments design specifically to meet the various needs and constraints for the general industry
  • Ensure the degreasing quality before heat treatment process

  • Cleaning solutions adapted for maintenance and overhaul

  • Master all types of cleaning medias: chlorinated solvent, detergent, hydrocarbon solvent

  • Guarantee specific cleanliness in term of gravimetry and grain size

  • Provide a specific response for tubes washing

Cleaning and degreasing industrial mechanical parts

Our equipments ensure a cleaning process for your mechanical parts depending on your application and upstream/downstream operation :

  • Before heat treatment

  • Before surface treatment

  • Before dimensional check

  • Before coating / painting

  • Inter-operation cleaning

  • Final Wash

Parts washer used for the general industry

Degreasing before heat treatment process

The goal of degreasing before heat treatment process it is to remove all the contaminations that can cause some uneven treatment, and also to avoid the contamination of the ovens.

Various different issues are found : stored parts, bulk parts, different geometries and diverse materials with a long list of different contaminations. Surface Alliance Cleaning Corporation support you to find the appropriate cleaning solution.

Parts washer for degreasing before heat treatment

Maintenance and Overhaul

Tough and dry contamination are representative of mechanical parts in the rebuild and maintenance field.

Surface Alliance Cleaning Corporation has over 100 years of cumulated how-know with heavy tractor trailer, light vehicle overhaul, handling machine and nautical equipment. The product line ECO, MAXIMA and MB are design to accept large and heavy parts up to several tons.

Degreasing of industrial parts for maintenance

Final wash in compliance with specific cleanliness requirements

To prevent mechanical blockage and rapid wear on precision components such as the roller screws, a proper final wash is necessary to meet all the cleanliness requirements in tern of gravimetry (<2mg) and particle size (200µm)

The MecanoFAST system with his short cycle time, the POWERJET using ultrasound or the SOLVACS operating with vacuum solvents; Each of these system have the capacity to ensure the decontamination of the parts according to their complexity.

Parts cleaning for the general industry

Lavage interne de tubes

The cleaning of the tube ID, wether they are bent or straight required intense mechanical action by flushing or via a mechanized serynge tool to effectively remove particles and contamination from the surface.

Horizontal parts washer to clean hydraulic body cylinder
The Cleanliness Technology
Solve our customer cleanliness issues by finding out the appropriate cleaning solution
Étude de cas
Cleaning, degreasing and particle decontamination on hydraulic body cylinder
General Industry
Cleaning and drying hydraulic body cylinder

Hydraulic body cylinder degreasing with a MecanoLav MecanoFAST after machining and welding in final wash.

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Étude de cas
Cleaning, degreasing and particle decontamination of lead screw nut
General Industry
Lead screw nut cleaning and drying

Particle decontamination with MecanoLav MecanoFAST machine for lead screw nut in inter-operation

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Étude de cas
Cleaning and particle decontamination of worm shaft for general industry
General Industry
Worm shaft cleaning and drying

Particle decontamination with a MecanoFAST machine to clean worm shaft in in-process and final washing

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