Industrial washing for cleaning and drying screw nuts

Lead screw nut particle decontamination in inter-operation

Cleaning and drying lead screw nut

A well-known manufacturer in the general industry has sought our expertise in lead screw nut cleaning in inter-operation.

Cleaning, degreasing and particle decontamination of lead screw nut

Particle cleaning on a wide range of parts reference

Parts should be cleaned one by one in a continuous stream in less than 90 seconds.

Wide range of parts reference ->

  •  Outside diameter :  1″ to 7 7/8” (25 to 200 mm)
  •  Internal diameter : 0 5/16” to 2 1/2” (8 to 64 mm)
  •  Hight : 1 3/4” to 6 11/16” (44 to 170 mm)

Contamination -> cutting oil, grease, lapping paste and chips

ID / OD cleaning according to the following criteria :

  • 4 mg / part (gravimetry)
  • 0 particules > 400 µm (granulometry)
  • Perfect drying
Cleaning, degreasing and particle decontamination of lead screw nut

Cleaning in continuous flow

The parts are loaded by a technician on a custom-made pallet. The part clamp automatically.

In the working chamber, a specific washing and drying tool performs the cleaning on the part surface(inside/outside/ports). In the lower part of the fixture, a syringe oscillates inside the nut.
  • Clean and dry in 90 seconds

  • Cleanliness requirement met

  • Optimized Takt time – no buffer

Cleaning, degreasing and particle decontamination with a MecanoFAST machine