Automotive part washing – Cleaning Crankshaft

Cleaning crankshaft for the automotive industry and heavy trucks in inter-operation and/or final

Cleaning and drying crankshaft for the automotive industry

Several major automotive manufacturers and heavy trucks have requested our know-how regarding the crankshaft cleaning after machining for inter-operation and final washing.

Crankshaft must to be cleaned in a one piece flow process in less than 53 seconds, including loading and unloading.

  • Contamination > grease, chips, cast iron dust

  • Cleanliness > perfect degreasing and drying

Parts washer with horizontal chamber for crankshaft cleaning

MecanoFAST with horizontal working chamber

The crankshafts are loaded horizontally by a technician on custom-made V-blocks.

The part inside the working chamber is cleaned and dried via a specific adjustable tool according to the size of the crankshaft, which performs a located cleaning for the part OD and inside the lubrication holes.

  • Washing at 60°C with a mixture of demineralized water and low alkaline,

  • Pocket filters change without production stop,

  • Calibrated and sequenced drying.

Cleaning and degreasing machine for crankshaft in automotive

Cleaning and drying crankshaft in a robotic cell

The heavy-duty crankshaft is loaded vertically by a robot on a custom-made and modular fixture to accept different parts length.

Cleaning and drying tools are properly located on the part surface and lubrication holes for an effective degreasing and perfect drying.

  • 4 parts types > max Ø 11″ x H 49 3/16” (Ø 280mm x H1250 mm)

  • Clean and dry in 90 seconds, including loading and unloading

  • Cleaning the robot’s grippers after loading the part and before the crankshaft unloading process

Cleaning, degreasing and particle decontamination of crankshaft for heavy truck