Cleaning steering rack housing

Aluminium rack housing cleaning after machining in inter-operation.

Cleaning and drying of steering rack housing

A company in the automotive industry has requested our expertise in the inter-operation cleaning of aluminum rack housing after machining.

Mise en propreté intérieur / extérieur selon les critères suivants :

  • 1 mg / part (gravimetry)
  • 0 particules > 600µm (granulometry)
  • Perfect drying

Single reference > Ø 9 7/16” x Height 21 1/2” (Ø 240mm x H546 mm)
Contamination > cutting oil and chips

  • One piece flow rack housing cleaning in less than 60 seconds

  • Layout constraint > width 27 9/16(700 mm)

Short-cycle parts washer for rack and pinion steering gear

MecanoFAST - One piece flow cleaning

The parts are loaded vertically by a technician on a custom-made fixture. Access to the workstation is cleared and protected by a U-shaped light curtain.

After the cycle started, the part enters the working chamber in which a specific washing and drying tool performs the cleaning of the part (ID/OD/ports/threaded holes).

  • Clean and dry in 42 seconds

  • Width 27 9/16  (700 mm)

  • Floor space 22ft² (2m²)

Comparison before/after cleaning rack housing