Problem Solving

Our team help you to define the best cleaning solution regarding your specifications


Understand your needs

Advanced technology is getting better day after day, all sector of activities are increasing their needs in term of cleanliness requirements to delivery higher quality product.

First step for us is to identify your parts, type of contamination and your cleanliness requirements to define the best technical solution for your application.


Cleaning processes

Identify the smartest cleaning technology

To define the best solutions for your application, our approach is based on these:

  • Your cleaning experience and your feedback
  • Our experience
  • New emerging technologies available

For that, we are using the Sinner’s circle where the main 4 cleaning parameters are used to be able to find the suitable cleaning solution for you.


Surface Alliance Cleaning Corporation

Collective know-how

To be able to propose you the smartest technology depending on your needs, MecanoLav, HEMO, LPW, Washtech and NGCT join together to form a competence network called Surface Alliance Cleaning Corporation.

Operate worldwide, the alliance allows us to offer you the most complete range on the market, and therefore the optimum technical solution.

By constantly innovating, Surface Alliance Cleaning Corp. means an efficient sales network, high-performance and reactive service at an international level to guarantee your satisfaction.


Technical Solution

Cleaning equipment should fit into your production lines

After selecting the best cleaning solution for your application, we still need to consider few other important paramaters such as: