Parts and components cleaning


We are building machines who will meet the needs and constraints of the automotive business
  • High pace environment | 5 to 60 seconds

  • One piece flow cleaning process without buffer

  • Production in an automated / robotic cell

  • Compact systems

  • Cleanliness requirements | ISO 16232 – VDA19 standard

  • Availability rate > 98%

Work together to solve our cleanliness customer issues with the best / appropriate cleaning solution

Cleaning process for automotive parts and components

Our machines will clean your parts in different steps of your process :

  • In process

  • Before leak test

  • Before dimensional check

  • After final wash > cleanliness standard ISO 16232 | VDA 19

Particulate cleaning analysis for automotive parts

High speed rate cleaning

Our degreasing machines and particle decontamination on a high speed rate environment are specially design for a optimal treatment in few seconds !

Even with a short cycle time, the part exit temperature will be under 95°F ( 35°C ).

Cleaning of oil sump for the automotive industry

Compact layout

Reduction of machine foot print in order to bring closer upstream / downstream processes. Compact layout is a key factor for automotive business.

Due to automotive lean manufacturing concept, we are always offering compact cleaning system.

Industrial parts washer with compact layout for automotive sector

Integration in a robotic cell

Is your machining or assembly line fully automated ?

Our machines are friendly designed for integration in a robotic cell 

Easy maintenance for :

  • Automatic chamber cleaning in every cycle
  • Option to connect the machine to an outside washing process.
Industrial parts cleaning in robotic cell

Application case

Some examples of parts and components cleaned in the automotive industry :

  • Turbo main body

  • Crankshafts

  • Transmission shafts

  • Pinons

  • Pistons

  • Cylinder heads

  • Injection ramps

  • Steering rack bar

  • Oil sump

  • Components for gearboxes

  • And much more…

Cleaning, degreasing and particle decontamination of rack housing in automotive
The Cleanliness Technology
Solve our customer cleanliness issues by finding out the appropriate cleaning solution