Ultra compact industrial part washer


< 30 seconds cycle time
12 square feet floor space
One piece flow
Ultra compact industrial part washer
  • Fast > high pace environment (washing and drying in few seconds)

  • Ultra Compact

  • Efficiency > particulate cleanliness guarantee (gravimetry – granulometry)

  • Versatile > manual or automated loading/unloading

  • One piece flow > part cleaning without buffer

  • Lean manufacturing solution

Discover the smallest model from the MecanoFAST range

Optimize your "takt time"

The MecanoFAST 250 ensure a high cleaning rate from 20 to 60 seconds depending on the type of parts and their complexity.

Optimize takt time with one-piece flow cleaning/degreasing machine

Easy integration into production line

Ultra compact, the MecanoFAST 250 concept has been created for the automotive to reduce production line footprint and increase line efficiency.

  • Footprint 55 1/8″ x 31 1/2″ (1400 x 800mm)
  • Maximum part dimensions; Ø5 7/8″ (150 mm) height 9 13/16″ (250mm)

Your parts are bigger than that?

Easy integration of one piece flow cleaning/degreasing machine

Cleaning in a continuous flow

The batch/basket cleaning concept generates a major disruption for the production efficiency resulting in slowing down the flow and generating downstream and upstream stock.

The MecanoFAST system has been developed for the high pace industry, this equipment use the “one-piece flow” concept with a short cycle time.

  • Loading / unloading on the same fixture

  • No buffer, one piece flow

  • Quick detection of machine failure

Work chamber of ultra compact one-piece flow cleaning machine

High level of performance

The patended MecanoFAST technology is based on a single treatment, taking in consideration the geometry and the complexity of the part to be cleaned.

  • Cleaning and drying difficult reaching areas, cavities, blind holes, thread, etc…
  • Perfect drying
  • Exit part temperature below 86°F

For each project, we support you by performing a validation and analysis trial in our laboratory according to ISO 16232 – VDA19 standards.

Design of one-piece flow cleaning/degreasing machine

Flexible et polyvalente

The machine can be offer in 2 different version.

  • 100% manual: loading/unloading station equipped with a sliding door for stand alone machine.
  • Versatile: working station secured by light curtains and easy access for automatic loading/unloading with a robot.
Ultra compact part washer - side view

Operating cost reduced by 50%

Overall the MecanoFAST system consumes 2 times less energy and around 4 times less water than the traditional Tunnel or Carrousel system type.

Side of ultra compact part washer

Modular and easily upgradeable

  • Quick change over > less than 2 minutes !

  • Reconfiguration > only the tooling need to be replaced to run a different part number.

Modular and upgradeable part washer

Streamlined and secured maintenance

A roller shutter combined with a set of sensors to ensure a secured and simplified access to the filtration system, tank and other moving parts.

Secured maintenance of one piece flow parts washer

Spécifications techniques

Useful dimensions

Chamber diameter
5 7/8” (150 mm)
Chamber height
9 13/16” (250 mm)
Loading height
43 5/16” (1100 mm)
Maximal load
22 lbs (10 kg)

Overall dimensions

29 15/16” (760 mm)
92 1/2" (2350 mm)
53 1/8” (1350 mm)


Power installed
16,5 kW
Tank volume
53 US gal (200 liters)
Noise level
< 80 dB
The Cleanliness Technology
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